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KitSound Diggit Speaker
KitSound Diggit Speaker

The economical Kitsound Diggit Speaker boasts a unique layout, with a stake that lets you plant it in the ground for exterior use, but how does its audio quality contrast? Discover in our testimonial.

Should I purchase the KitSound Diggit Speaker?

Our Verdict

The Kitsound Diggit Speaker combines a streamlined, lightweight design with outstanding audio– as well as it’s all the more notable considering the economical cost.

The Diggit is sturdy and portable, with a detachable risk that lets you plant it in the ground and even IP55 dirt and waterproofing. It likewise supplies clear and also balanced sound, though the bass is weak outdoors.

KitSound Diggit Speaker complete testimonial

The Kitsound Diggit’s style alone differentiates it from various other cordless audio speakers, with a detachable stake that lets you slowly into the ground. It’s also exceptionally cost-effective.

Price & Availability

The Kitsound Diggit Speaker is available in the UK and US for ₤ 39.99/$ 49.99 in (faux) timber or black. There’s a blue alternative in the United States also.

There’s also the Diggit XL (₤ 79.99/ US$ 99.99) if you’re after more extended battery life, a far better Bluetooth array, as well as several Diggit speaker links (the XL can link up with over a hundred Diggit audio speakers).

It’s available from Kitsound UK and Kitsound US at the complete RRP, though you can locate it more affordable on Amazon, Robert Dyas, and Mobile Fun.

Style & Build: Unmi-stake-ably good

The Diggit’s specifying feature is its detachable stake. It’s brilliant. However, the primary remedy to making specific the speaker is not to get knocked over while being used in the rowdy outdoors. While it seems gimmicky to some, it keeps the speaker durable and upright while maintaining its 360-degree noise. It’s an excellent choice to just making the speaker bottom-heavy for security (something you’ll locate in the somewhat a lot more expensive Anker Soundcore Flare, for example).

The Diggit obtains its appearance from yard lights and properly has an LED ring light at the top that borders the power, play/pause, and volume and control. The light is mainly an indicator, though: it blinks while the speaker pairs, or if the audio gets stopped briefly, as well as shines when audio plays.

While the LED will not illuminate your yard, it adds a beautiful touch, especially if you’re using the Diggit in the dark– as it will certainly assist you to see which buttons you’re pushing. It also aids that the controls are extensive, plainly labeled, and embedded in rotating heights, making it proof for the clumsiest of fingers.

The mesh wraparound on the Diggit also gives it a smooth metallic appearance through its material. When holding the speaker, the mesh texture increases up to provide a grasp. The good news is, the Diggit is incredibly light and fits easily in one hand, so you’re not likely to drop it anyhow.

As a tool geared for the outdoors, the speaker additionally offers IP55 dirt and waterproofing, which implies it needs to hold its own in the rain– though we wouldn’t advise soaking it in water. It matches far better to poolside dashes than in the pool itself.

Sound Quality & Features

The most crucial bit: Audio top quality.

In our experience, the Kitsound Diggit speaker flaunts a straightforward and relatively balanced noise, though it does better with the treble regularities. The bass resonates. However, don’t expect the thumping strength of more prominent audio speakers. The Diggit, nevertheless, is significantly portable. You likewise obtain clear mid-range and crisp vocals.

The Diggit was likewise very easy to set, as well as doesn’t call for an app. Without an app, you can’t regulate the EQ, as you can with various other audio speakers like the Anker Soundcore, as an example. However, that’s rarely a deal-breaker. The Diggit isn’t intended for audiophiles to relish its incredible sonic intricacies– it’s produced the student, the party-thrower, the average listener that needs an affordable way to blast playlists for pals on the coastline or in the park.

Outdoors, the Kitsound Diggit Speaker is loud while maintaining quality. However, it is most pleasing in close quarters– which shouldn’t be an issue if a campfire or outing collects you. Indoors, where it’s quieter, you will undoubtedly find that the audio sounds sharper in more significant quantities, shedding the bass’s richness.

If you are utilizing Diggit inside your home, you can get rid of the risk. A rubberized base lets you stand it up on a table or flat surface. It’s optimal for smaller-sized spaces, like in the dining or living area or a dorm if you’re a student. The Diggit additionally enables wireless stereo pairing. Simultaneously, we haven’t tested this for ourselves, as we only had accessibility to one Kitsound Diggit speaker.

We’re impressed with Kidsound Digiit Speaker’s battery life as well. The tool promises 8 hours of play, which should be sufficient for many. In our experience, we left the Diggit extra for over a month, and it still protected 75% battery life—the Diggit charges via micro-USB.


We are followers. The Kitsound Diggit Speaker handles to discover a compelling balance between style, top audio quality, and also rate.

The Kitsound Diggit Speaker’s audio is balanced between bass, treble, and mid-rays, though the bass suffers a little at a greater quantity. That need not be much of an issue if you pay attention outdoors, as the music would undoubtedly be ambient anyhow. The cordless stereo pairing can allow for an additional increase needs to you need it.

The Diggit is a substantial selection if you’re seeking a budget-friendly speaker for outings, get-togethers, as well as small celebrations. That makes it an excellent choice for trainees. However, it looks classy sufficient to be made use of by any individual.

What type of points should you see out for when on the market for a high-end Bluetooth speaker like Kitsound Diggit Speaker?

There are many different kinds of Bluetooth speakers, so if you plan to take one around with you promptly, then guarantee it’s tiny and mobile, which has a battery to power it as opposed to requiring secrets power.

You’re most likely to link your phone or tablet computer system to the speaker over Bluetooth. Having different connections can be helpful. As an instance, you may have an mp3 player like an old iPod, which still operates fantastic nonetheless does not have Bluetooth. Search for a speaker with a 3.5 mm jack (the bulk of them have one)if so. Some similarly utilize ports like phono, which are available to connect things like your TELEVISION or a record player.

Whereas Bluetooth used to be a significant way of linking to a KitSound Diggit Speaker without wires, some presently include Wi-Fi on the spec sheet, which serves numerous aspects. It could recommend you can attach your gizmo to it over Wi-Fi as opposed to Bluetooth – this is precisely how Apple’s AirPlay tasks (although not particularly).

Having Wi-Fi can likewise include the capability to make use of the KitSound Diggit Speaker straight with streaming solutions like Spotify or web radio terminals, so you’re not limited to what tracks you’ve jumped on your device.

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