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Home Remedies for Bunions

 A bunion is the enlargement of the tissue or a joint that develops at the base of the toe. This is also referred to as hallux abducto valgus or hallux valgus. You can see a visible bump on the front part of the foot and usually, the big toe turns and leans towards the second toe. This is a progressive king of disorder which over a period of time changed angle and slowly produces a bump. However, in most cases of a milder form of this problem, there are some home remedies for bunions that are quite effective.

Causes for Bunions:

These are common foot problems that can cause severe pain and may become a great difficulty to wear shoes. Bunions are an inherited mechanical faulty of the foot and it depends on certain foot types that make it prone to this condition. About 30 % of women suffer from this problem in western countries. One of the reasons may be the tight-fitting shoes particularly high heels and cowboy boots.

Symptoms for Bunions:

The symptoms of this foot condition are listed below:

  • Soreness or pain
  • A burning sensation
  • You may observe some redness or inflammation at the site of the foot
  • There may be numbness in that particular area

Before you take some medical action such as surgery, give it a try using these home-based remedies for Bunion which can help you reduce the pain as well.

  • The first and foremost thing you can do is stop wearing any tightly fitted shoes that may responsible for such kind of foot problem. Wear sports or running shoes which turn out to be more effective as they allow more room and space for the toes.
  • Relax your feet by soaking them in a warm water solution. Mix some Epsom salts into the water. This will reduce the pain and any kind of inflammation associated with the condition. Epsom salts are known to reduce any kind of leg pain and apart from this, it helps to soften the skin.
  • Bunions may cause the feet to swell up. Hence for this, you can simply apply an ice pack to the foot to reduce inflammation and swelling. Simply leave the ice pack on the affected area for some time say 10- 15 minutes. Avoid this application if you suffer from diabetes.
  • A very good herb that is useful for bunions is the calendula. You simply have to crush it down into a pulp and use this on the affected area. This will reduce the pain and lessen the swelling.
  • Pamper your feet with a nice massage that can reduce the pain considerably. Massage and rub from side to side for at least 15 minutes to get effective results.

Other home-based remedies for bunions are:

  • Aspirin soak is also effective for this condition. You simply have to crush a few tablets of aspirin and add this to a bucket of warm water. Now soak your feet in this solution as long as you want. This is effective to reduce the pain and also lessen the symptoms of bunions. However, in rare cases, this may result in any kind of skin irritation. Hence in such a situation discontinue this method immediately.
  • Red pepper is also effective to treat foot conditions. For this, you simply have to cut red pepper into two and apply the juice to the affected area. Discontinue the treatment if there is any kind of skin irritations.
  • Another remedy you can try at home is to use some amount of castor oil and apply this to the affected area. Massage the area properly and allow the oil to penetrate through the skin. Warm the oil in low heat and soak a piece of a thin clean cloth and apply this on the affected joint. Finally, wrap a towel that will hold the heat and alleviate the pain.

Tips and Preventive Measures for Bunions:

These are some preventive measures that will avoid future complications.

  • Use a non-medicated bunion pad around the region of the bumpy lump.
  • Wear shoes that are wide enough and have a deep toe box.
  • Stretch the heels that will relieve the pressure and make the feet flexible. You simply have to stand and gently stretch the heels for a minute or 30 seconds. Follow this regime a couple of times a day for some effective results.

These home remedies for bunions as discussed above help to reduce the pain and prevent the recurrence of such kind of pain.

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