6 Google My Business Listing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Google My Business Listing

People are heavily relying on Google to find the answers to their questions. That’s why Google is also playing a vital role in finding the best products and services in the local area. Therefore, you should use Google My Business listing to manage their organization’s online presence in the local area. Business owners can get lots of benefits from the Google My Business listing. First, it is a cost-effective solution to improve the online presence of your business or eCommerce company.

Secondly, it is the best way to increase the visibility of your business on Google Maps and Search. Thirdly, you can easily claim and optimize your business profile. Fourthly, it can ensure the online consistency of your business. While creating a GMB listing, you may make some mistakes. Here, we will discuss six common Google My Business mistakes that you should avoid.

Unclaimed Listings:

Without claiming your Google My Business listing, you can’t manage it. You will have to face problems editing the address, phone number, and URL of your business website. As a business owner, you can’t upload photos. Moreover, you can’t reply to the questions of the customers. Due to an unverified listing, you can’t get help from the GMB team.

In other words, you can’t use Google My Business listing to create and edit posts. When you don’t claim your listing, another company may claim this listing. After claiming this listing, this company will change everything in the listing. Due to an unclaimed listing, Google will not send any notification to you for the change of information. As a result, your business may have to face real damages. Therefore, if you want to increase the online presence of your business, you must claim your listing.

Missing Information:

This is the common mistake that businessmen do while managing their Google My Business listings. After setting up their listings, they don’t check these listings for a while. When they don’t check these listings for a while, there are chances of missing the major information. For example, you may miss the processing hours of your business. You can also miss the URL of your website.

In some cases, you can also miss your phone number. If you will miss this vital information, your customers can’t contact you. When potential customers can’t get access to your business website, they will go to your competitors. To overcome this problem, you should log into your GMB account. After logging into your account, you should check the information. If something is missing, you should immediately write it.

Incorrect Information:

If you have not displayed information on your Google My Business listing, it may not hurt your listing. Anyhow, if you will provide incorrect information on your listing, it will hurt your listing. For example, after changing the processing hours of your company, you will have to update these hours on your GMB listing. If you don’t update these hours, customers may visit your company during these hours.

When they find it closed, it will last a bad impression on your customers. Moreover, your customers will not wait for the opening hours. They will visit your competitor’s site. Moreover, these customers will leave a bad review on Google. Due to this bad review, you may also lose some other customers. Moreover, Google will not provide a higher ranking to those listings that are receiving negative reviews from the customers.

Map Pins:

While optimizing the Google My Business listing, most of the businessmen overlook this option. In some cases, they can pin the maps at the wrong place. I have seen lots of wrong map pins on the listings. Some businessmen have mapped the pins of the parking places. Some have mapped the pins of the end of the shopping centers. In some cases, I have also seen that some businessmen have mapped the pins of the streets in their business listings.

These kinds of map pins will not provide any value to potential customers. Nowadays, people are using GPS to get the right directions. By following the GPS, they can easily reach the right spot. Due to wrong map pins, they will reach the wrong place. As a result, they may assume that your business is closed.

Ignored Reviews:

As a businessman, recommended by a dissertation help firm, if you want to ensure the online presence of your business, you should never ignore reviews. Either you are getting negative reviews or positive reviews, you should engage with the customers. Sometimes, customers post negative reviews due to the lack of information. When you will provide the complete information, you can easily satisfy the customers.

When other customers will see that you have satisfied the customers, they will also try to trust your business. No doubt, you will like to reply to those customers who are sharing positive reviews. Now, the problem is that you will not like to reply to negative reviews. In some cases, you may insult the customers who are posting negative reviews. Instead of insulting them, you should talk to them politely.


Photos are also playing a vital role in optimizing the ranking of your Google My Business ranking. Some businessmen ignore the photos. If they post photos, they don’t provide the exact view of their businesses. In some cases, they show the street view of the business. Some businessmen just rely on the photos of the customers. These kinds of photos may not be attractive for the customers.

In some cases, these photos may lead Google to the wrong Facebook profiles or news articles. To my extent, you should post at least five photos of the interior views of your company. Moreover, you should also post five photos of the exterior views of your company. You can post these photos with and without staff. With the help of these photos, you should show that your business is distinct from others.


After claiming the Google My Business listing, you should perform an audit of your listing. While performing an audit of your listing, you should try to know either your listing is facing the above-mentioned issues or not. If your listing is facing the above-mentioned issues, you should take immediate actions to overcome these issues. When you will take immediate action, you can provide the best experience to the customers. Moreover, when you will properly optimize your listing, you can enjoy a higher ranking on Google.

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