Custom Candle Boxes | Fun and DIY Projects With Candles

Custom Candle Boxes
Custom Candle Boxes

During this lockdown, Linda crafted a few DIY projects with her kids using custom candle boxes. Linda is very fond of candles. She loves to decorate her house using them. Most times, she buys them in bulk. It means her home always has a surplus of custom candle boxes. She loves this tool of illumination, which has the power to light up rooms and warm hearts. It is a plus point when one gets their hands on scented ones as aroma occupies not just spaces but minds too.

Candle fragrances are associated with memories. It helps recall many past occurrences in life. Most brands provide their customers with custom candle boxes to protect candles to the best. These custom boxes are a remarkable value addition to the retail candle packages. They are durable and eye-candy. Linda asked me to cite this article to help parents spend quality time with their kids and teach them the importance of upcycling using empty cardboard boxes at home.

Items that one requires to make pencil holders from custom printed candle boxes are;

  1. Empty custom printed candle boxes
  2. Glue fun or paper glue
  3. Button, pearls, seashells
  4. Fabric of preference
  5. Penknife

As Linda’s kids are young, they need supervision at all times. Especially the part that involves cutting using a penknife. She did this part herself. All one needs to do is cut off the top lid of the custom printed candle boxes. Measure them equally from all sides so that all four walls remain even. When the box lid is removed with a penknife, what remains behind is an open cardboard box.

Allow your child to quote it with paint uniformly and then use beads, buttons, and other related items to decorate it. Older kids can layer these custom printed candle boxes using fabric and a glue gun or glue. Once layered with fabric, something customized these pencil holders using VERSATILE accessories. Candles successfully cater to the aesthetic needs of adults as well. In modern times, this delightful product comes in all sizes and versatile shapes.

Benefits of custom candle packaging boxes

Custom candle packaging boxes give a unique brand identity to the candles. Gone are the days when the candles were sold as generic products. Custom candle wholesale boxes are available in all shapes like; square, rectangular, cylindrical, heart, hexagonal, triangular, etc. Candle artists have sculptured them and create intricate murals and other eye-candy products from them. The custom candle packaging boxes used for packaging candles are durable and of high quality.

Some boxes are so beautiful that one does not feel like getting rid of them, even after the candles perish. Business entities manufacturing or marketing candles benefit by printing their branding elements on these boxes. They can print other inspiring text to motivate their customers as well. For example, most aromatherapy candles have a beautiful quote printed on them.

Candle packaging boxes as gift boxes

The intricate design on the candle packaging boxes transforms them into extraordinary boxes. It is very difficult to say that these are cardboard boxes once printed with premium offset techniques and exclusive add-ons. Finishes like foil stamping transform their looks to make them appear as if crafted from metal. The spot UV gives fluid-like shine to the candle packaging boxes for additional drama and grace them. One can forward candles as gifts in these boxes without worrying about getting them wrapped.

Best custom candle boxes for candle brands

If you are looking for custom candle boxes to boost the sales of your candles, check out the beautiful options created by the Californian-based ClipnBox printing and packaging company.

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