4 Best Impact Drivers Buying Guide


Welcome to the best impact driver buying guide. In this article, we will guide you regarding the 4 best impact drivers available in the market. Let’s have a deep look.

The 4 Best Impact Drivers:

1. DeWalt DCF887D2 Kit: The best brushless impact driver to purchase

Price: ₤ 299 (with battery & charger)

DeWalt is a trendy brand on building sites, where you can’t miss its vivid black and yellow branding. Most power tools are without a battery and charger. Still, this test design showed up in a sturdy plastic box packed with two tiny 2.0 mAh 18V lithium-ion batteries and a battery charger (the impact driver is also readily available without a battery charger for around ₤ 80).

Despite their diminutive size, these dinky batteries provide heaps of power and seem to run permanently– long enough for many hours of complex grafting. It’s not a surprise that they also help keep the weight to a minimum (at simply 1.31 kg, this design is the 2nd lightest here) and offer much better balance. Whether you use it– vertically or horizontally– this best impact driver sits flawlessly level, making the job of driving screws simple and easy. Its ergonomic and slim rubberized grip is extraordinarily comfy too.

The DeWalt’s high-power, brushless motor outputs a maximum solid torque of 205Nm, making it suitable for almost all sturdy applications. Other practical functions include:

  • A variable speed trigger.
  • A three-speed switch for different length screws.
  • Three bright LEDs for brightening the task.
  • A functional magnetic holder for two spare bits.
  • A trouser clip.

The DeWalt’s bit sleeve is easy to utilize. Merely push in the bit, and it snatches it immediately but take care when ejecting it since it springs out and the bit might end up putting somewhere out of reach, like between the slats of the new decking you spent hours setting up.

If you are after a lightweight best impact driver that genuinely excels at driving long screws through complex materials, we tested it utilizing a swelling of maple and a fine-headed screw, and it carried out admirably. Make this model your very first port of call.

Secret specifications– Weight as checked: 1.31 kg; Motor: Brushless; Voltage: 18V; Max Torque: 205Nm; Power modes: 3

2. Ryobi One+ R18IDBL: The best high-torque impact driver

Cost: ₤ 107 (without battery & battery charger).

The Ryobi’s frictionless, brushless motor provides a massive torque of 270Nm (more potent than anything else in this roundup). However, that extra power does equate to more weight. In reality, even with a slim 2.5 mAh 18V battery connected, it weighed in at 1.54 kg, which is 230g more than the DeWalt. Perhaps keep this in mind if your work entails having your arm outstretched for prolonged durations. On the plus side, Ryobi’s batteries include clever management electronics that deliver a 20% longer runtime than other designs.

The Ryobi has a reasonably chunky grip, so that it may be a better fit for users with bigger hands. That stated it’s exceptionally comfortable, and the balance is outstanding when used horizontally. It includes a variable speed trigger, three helpful power levels, a specialized DeckDrive mode optimized for decking work, three intense LEDs to work by, and an easy-to-use spring-loaded bit sleeve. It spits out the bit a little too enthusiastically.

The Ryobi’s flash livery makes it look a bit like a toy but shows it a piece of decking, and it will laugh in its face as it drives the screw deep with no fuss and barely any pressure or kickback on the wrist. This model got here without a battery and battery charger, so do not forget to purchase those separately if you don’t currently own an 18V Ryobi product to hot-swap the battery. That is a top buy if outright power is your primary concern.

Secret specs– Weight as checked: 1.54 kg; Motor: Brushless; Voltage: 18V; Max Torque: 270Nm; Power modes: 4.

3. Makita LXT DTD152Z: The best budget impact driver

Cost: ₤ 54 (without battery & battery charger).

This design comes with a more affordable brushed motor that delivers an entirely adequate 165Nm of torque, sufficient oomph to drive most lengths of the screw. In our test, we didn’t observe any problems when utilizing it to drive a four screw into a pine block, but it took a bit longer to complete the job when we switched to maple. Its variable speed trigger is not quite as sophisticated as others in this roundup, and, perhaps more significantly, it doesn’t provide an alternative for various power modes. It does feature very bright twin LED headlights, though.

Regardless of the much larger size of the lasting 4.0 mAh 18V battery (readily available separately), this design weighed in at 1.57 kg. The driver’s rubberized grip is comfy enough, although the battery’s additional weight makes it feel a little bottom-heavy when used horizontally. Fortunately, Makita produces various batteries in various sizes, so if you wish to enhance and reduce the weight balance, think about a lighter– though shorter running– 2.0 Ah 18V battery when placing your order.

You are buying into one of the most popular brand names amongst experts, and endorsements don’t come much better than when you purchase a Makita. It does not include a brushless motor and doesn’t have as much power as the Ryobi, DeWalt, or Milwaukee. According to the surfeit of user evaluations, there aren’t many owners out there that regret later. That is a terrific value impact driver for practically any DIY job you have in mind. It’s likely to be reputable too.

Secret specs— Weight as checked: 1.57 kg; Motor: Brushed; Voltage: 18V; Max Torque: 165Nm; Power modes: None.

4. Bosch EasyImpactDrive 12: Best Compact impact driver

Price: ₤ 74 (without battery & charger).

This compact Bosch design is from the German behemoth’s DIY range (for this reason, the green body), so it isn’t as powerful as its blue-liveried professional stablemates. No, we’re not sure why some makers choose to divide their power tools into two different retail categories (DIY and Professional). However, it’s true to state that this model costs a fair bit less than the business’s least expensive professional alternative.

With its optional, tiny clip-in 12V battery installed, this compact impact driver weighs simply 1kg (the lightest on test), so certainly consider it if weight is a prime concern. It’s also the only driver here that’ll suit a drawer, but, conversely, it isn’t the best well-balanced, and you can’t stand it upright on its battery while in the middle of a task.

This Bosch is the least effective product here but, despite its brushed motor producing simply 100Nm of torque, it proved to be sparky when we checked it on a block of pine, driving in a 4in screw without any issue whatsoever. The two-speed power switch is a bonus.

In the pantheon of lightweight, easy-to-store DIY power tools, this little green device cuts a good deal of mustard.

Secret specifications– Weight as tested: 1kg; Motor: Brushed; Voltage: 12V; Max Torque: 100Nm; Power modes: 2.

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